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Collectively, the seller and Realtor agreed to place the house on the market (for sale) now what? A sign is placed in the front yard for advertisement. A lockbox is placed on the home for access.  Potential buyers will typically have online access through thousands of websites to view the pictures displayed about your home. Realtors will make appointments to see your home instantly! Buyers will conduct a walk through of the home to see if the pictures add-up to the ones online. 


The buyer adores the home and is ready to submit an offer. The offer will be presented to sellers by their agent. Within the offer, buyers may elect for: home inspections, termite/radon inspections and closing cost/seller's concessions. By doing so, the buyer is requesting your financial assistance with closing on the home. FHA Loans permit buyers to request up to 6% of the sale price. Conventional Loan buyers may request up to 3% of the sale price. As the seller, you have the right to evaluate the offer and make a final decision. Closing costs/seller concessions are deducted from the sellers proceeds at closing. Choose wisely!


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