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Take a look around your home. Go online and view other homes for sale that are similar to yours in size and features. What's different? Would you sell your home at the same price? For less? For more? What needs to be changed? What is selling at this price point? Do you have the money to make changes? Will selling your home "as-is" be appropriate for the desired listing price? To prepare your home for the market, you will need to evaluate the current condition of your home as it compares to similar homes in your area. The ultimate goal is to allow prospective buyers to view your home without doing much work! Buyers are interested in seeing your home's potential. If you are unsure of what is required to make sure your home is "show-ready", schedule a walk-through with your Realtor. Don't forget to have an open mind. 



Walk-Through Checklist

- Clean! Clean! Clean!

- Minimize Odors

- Create a plan for pet removals (during showings)

- Curb Appeal (cut the grass, a fresh coat of paint, remove shrubs and trash)

- Remove Personal Items (bills, pictures and etc.)

- Make repairs

- Make the palette of the home neutral and appealing


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